AA 1452

AA 1452Depart: SAT 8:31 am (4 minutes early)

Arrive: PHX 9:19 am (on time)
Comments: Nice flight even though the captain kept apologizing for having the keep the seatbelt light on because of the worse turbulence he’s seen in years. The turbulence wasn’t bad at all. When I arrived, however, the fun began. I went to the baggage claim that was listed, and the monitor said awaiting bags. After a few minutes, my flight disappeared from the monitor altogether. So, as I started to go find another monitor to find which baggage claim, my checked bag appeared out of the corner of my eye. Wrestling through a few people I grabbed it, and noticed that San Antonio was up on the monitor again so I waited for the bag I checked at the gate. After only a couple of minutes the monitor read “All Bags Delivered.” I waited some more until it appeared that all the bags had been delivered. At that point I figured I better head to the counter, wondering how they could’ve lost a bag on a direct flight, especially when the app said the bag made it to Phoenix. Walking to the counter, caught a glimpse of my bag passing by on another carousel. Two bag, two different bag claims. Nice American Airlines.

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